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New Farfisa Tone generator
Couplers: New

Brand: Farfisa
Product Code: syntaccordion tone generator
Price: £499
New Farfisa Tone generator New Farfisa Tone generator New Farfisa Tone generator New Farfisa Tone generator New Farfisa Tone generator

Farfisa Syntaccordion Tone Generator

This is a brand new Syntaccordion tone generator to erplace your old or broken sound generator.  The Syntaccordion produced a superb 1970/80s sound using this generator as new equipment.  We have this brand new unused generator except for checking purposes to bring your accordion to life again. 

Note that this unit is only usable with Farfisa Syntaccordion piano or button model.

The generator model GSA1 has four outputs to amplifier, input from accordion and mains and pedal inputs.  It produces all of the sounds of the original accordion including glide, flutes (16, 8, 5third, 4, 2 2thirds, 2, 1 3 fifths, 1 1third, 1 foot),  vibrato (on/off, slow, fast, vibrato delay), volumes, sustain (flute, strings, , pecussion (4, 2 2thirds, 2, 1 3 fifths) plus long and short and repeat, flute presets 1, 2, 3, vibes, marimba, cancel, bass volume, chords volume, bass, bass sustain, chords, chords sustain, brilliance strings, brilliance brass, brass, piano, harpsichord, bellow control strings, bellow control brass piano harpsichord, strings on bass, strings on chords, strings 16 feet, strings 8 feet, Monophonic tuba, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, oboe, violin, monophonic automatic register, decay, decay length, wha wha, vibrato monophonic, vibrato speed monophonic, brilliance monophonic, volume monophonic, 3 electronic bass / chord couplers, bellow control of monophonic, transfer of monophonic to left hand.

We can also supply a brand new original cover for this model of  generator at £19.95.
Brand new foot / swell pedals at £39.95.
Connection lead accordion to generator brand new £99..

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