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Inline midi change unit

Brand: Scotlandaccordions
Product Code: Inline midi change unit
Price: £299
Inline midi change unit

This is an inline midi change unit.  Put it into your midi out and you can change volumes, channels, instuments etc for your midi expander.

See instructions below:


Expander Instrument controller with program mode




Connecting up:

Your new controller uses a standard 9v battery, and should come with one ready to fit.  To access the battery compartment there is a small door on the back of the unit.  If you want to use a mains adaptor there is a power socket on the side of the controller.  A suitable power adaptor is 9-12volts 500mA 2.1mm barrel connector with positive centre. Do not use a power adaptor with a battery fitted, make sure you remove the battery before using a power adaptor!

Connect a MIDI cable form your accordion to the MIDI In socket on the controller.

Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI out socket on the controller to your expander.


Using the controller:

Slide the switch on the right hand side of the controller to turn on the unit.  The display should show some values.


The first column shows “CH” and below that the number shows the currently selected channel.

The second column shows  “B” and below that shows the currently selected bank where Bank A = 0 or 1, Bank B = 2, Bank C=3, Bank presets = D.

The third column shows “INST” and below this shows the 3 digit instrument number.



Example of setting an instrument:

Press “A” to get into channel setting mode, then type in the two digit channel number in this example we will change channel 01.  Type a “0” followed by a “1”.

Press “B” to get into bank changing mode, we will be using bank A=1, so press a “1”.

Press “C” to get into instrument setting mode.  This is the three digit number between 1 and 128 for the instrument.  In this example we will select Harmonica (instrument number 023), press “0” followed by “2” followed by “3”.

Then to send this to the expander press button “D”.


Program modes:

Once you have selected the instruments that you like using the method above for all of the channels you want to use, press the “#” key and the display will show “store program”, then press the one of the number buttons you wish to save the program to.  There are 10 possible program save slots (0-9).  The number which you have saved to will show on the screen.

To recall your saved programs press the “x” button, the screen will show “Programs”.  Then press the number of the program you have saved (0-9). This will recall and send out all of the instruments you had previously saved.

To exit from either Store program or Programs modes, press the “A” button to return to channel entry mode.

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