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Ketron 13 foot pedals for SD3

This unit can be assigned to various functions of the SD3 midi expander and is especially suitable for accordionsts.

The following can be assigned to the 13 pedals as desired-

Sustain Soft Sostenuto Arranger A Arranger B Arranger C Arranger D In./End. 1 In./End. 2
In./End. 3 Fill 1 Fill 2 Fill 3 Break Start/Stop Count In Hold Key Start Key Stop Jump Intro Jump Fill Voice Down Voice Up Registr. Up Registr. Down Tempo + Tempo - Tap Tempo
Minor 7th m7th 5+ dim Manual Bass Kick Off Snare Off Hi-Hat Off Cymbal Off Tom/Fx Off Rimshot Off Latin1 Off Latin2 Off Latin3 Off Clap/Fx Off Drum Lock Bass Lock Chords Lock Interactive Glide Fall Off Shake Overdrive Delay Wha-Wha Chorus Reverb Distorsor Rotor On/Off Text Page- Text Page+ Vocalizer Arabic_1 Arabic_2 Arabic_3 Arabic_4 Arabic_5 Arabic_6 Arabic_7 Arabic_8 Arabic_9 Arabic_10 Arabic_11 Arabic_12 Arabic_13 Arabic_14 Arabic_15 Arabic_16 Arabic_17 Arabic_18 Arabic_19 Arabic_20 FisaLeftDrum Micro Dry Dry on stop Fade Out Crash Harmony Program Swell Transposer - Transposer + 2nd Voice Bass To Lowest Lead On/Off Pianist 6th 7th+ Bassist Accordion Accordion DrumFx Swell DrumFx Fade VoiFiltSwell

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