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Choosing an Accordion

Piano accordions are very widely used and are played in a similar style to a piano or keyboard instrument.  This enables a fast start in playing and the bass can be added in.  The bass notes are grouped so that for a given key the bass notes and chords are usually very close together.  A mark on several bass notes enable you to locate the note by feel.  The preferred professional size is 41 treble notes and 120 bass.  However smaller sizes can be supplied to suit customer requirements.

Button accordions are also extensively used and the instrument can be smaller for a given number of notes when compared to a piano type accordion.  There are a number of types or arrangements of buttons.  Some accordions are the same note for push and pull (chromatic accordions) while others have a different note for push and pull (diatonic accordions) making them smaller still for the same musical scale.   Button accordions usually have a very small reach for the right hand buttons enabling the playing of runs very fast.  Small diatonic accordions are frequently used for folk music and chromatic accordions are often preferred for playing European classical music.

Reedless accordions (digital accordions) are lightweight accordions which produce a good accordion sound without reeds inside.  This type of accordion offers a huge advantage both for players who cannot handle the weight of a normal accordion and they are also very suitable for public performance.  The reeds in a normal accordion account for a large part of the weight.
The sounds produced in a reedless accordion are made using electronics with an amazing realism.  Even the bellows movement is electronically sensed to simulate a reeded accordion.  The reedless accordion offers the advantage of producing a range of different accordion simulations as well as other instrument sounds.
We specialise in electronic accordions and also manufacture our own.  We usually have both new and secondhand models available with full guarantee.  As the only manufacturer of this type of instrument in the UK we can fully service your needs or even make bespoke models to particular specifications.