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Farfisa Syntaccordion MIDI Button accordion
Treble Keys: 120
Bass Keys: 4
Condition: Good

Brand: Farfisa
Product Code: Syntaccordion MIDI
Price: £999

Scandalli button accordion (famous hand finished reeds) with 120 bass buttons badged Farfisa Syntaccordion.

In good condition. 

Brand new midi system with all tabs on accordion working through midi to give numerous combinations.  Fully layered sounds i.e. press as many tabs as you like to get additive sounds. 

The electronics include Strings (2 tabs), Brass, Piano, Harpsichord, Flute (9 footages), 3 organ settings, vibes, marimba, various percussion settings, Tuba, Trombone, Trumpet, Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, Violin, various sliders for sustain, volume etc - 8 sliders in total, Strings on Bass, Strings on chords, Bass, bass sustain, chords, chords sustain, 7 further instrument settings transferable to left hand, various vibrato settings, glide, wha wha, 6 rotary potentiometers for volumes etc, 3 hand couplers on bass side to change electronic footages, 8 couplers for treble reeds and 3 couplers for bass side. 

In all there are 58 tabs for electronics, 6 rotary controls, 8 slider potentiometers, 8 treble reed couplers and 3 bass reed couplers i.e. all these controls are right on the accordion and therefore very easy to operate - just press all the tabs required.  The sound is superb from both the accordion and from the midi system.  There are also built in microphones for the reeds.  A tab is available for drum to bass and cymbal to chords additional percussion sounds.  A tab for instrument registers adds guitar, harp, choir, mandolin, banjo, Cajun and flute directly to right hand tabs and these instruments can be transferred to bass.

All in very good working order - buyers should satisfy themselves as to the description before bidding as descriptions are subjective.  The midi circuitry is not available elsewhere being of our own manufacture, very neat quality construction and fully guaranteed.

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