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Electronic and MIDI repair services Any make

Brand: Scotlandaccordions
Product Code: Electronic and MIDI repair services
Electronic and MIDI repair services Any make Electronic and MIDI repair services Any make Electronic and MIDI repair services Any make Electronic and MIDI repair services Any make

We manufacture and understand accordion electronics and never have failed to fix a MIDI system (this includes many examples where other technicians have failed to effect a repair).  Charges are dependent upon work ordered and quoted for  starting at £100.


We have worked on almost every model of electronic or midi accordion ever made.

We know that our services are unique and unmatched.

Examples of accordions of which we have first hand experience include include Excelsior Midivox 1 & 2 & 3, Hohnervox 2P, Hohnervox 3, 3P, Hohnervox 4, Hohnervox 4P, Hohnervox 5P, Hohner Morino Electronic, Crucianelli Accoder, Crucianelli Magicvox, Farfisa Transivox, Farfisa Syntaccordion, Bontron midi systems, Wem midi systems, Geoff Holter systems, Hohner Electronic I, Hohner Electronic II, Bugari, Sonola Sonovox, Excelsior Genavox, Cordovox, Excelsior 2000, Elkavox, Elkavox S11, Elkavox F3, Clinkscale Magicvox, Sem Ciao, Cavagnolo Odyssee, Iorio, Ian Forrest, Music Tech, Master MIDI, Limex, and many many more including numerous expanders.


We also have or can make power supplies, connecting cables and carry a vast range of electronic spares including almost every expander box ever made for old electronic accordions.


Our circuit board manufacture almost always is better than the originals for your accordion. We only use the finest components, of which we have a huge stock to make the board of your choice.


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