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Roland FR7 Reedless Accordion red
Bass Keys: 41
Treble Reeds: 120
Couplers: Good

Brand: Roland
Product Code: Roland FR7 Reedless Accordion red
Price: £2,799
Roland FR7 Reedless Accordion red Roland FR7 Reedless Accordion red Roland FR7 Reedless Accordion red Roland FR7 Reedless Accordion red Roland FR7 Reedless Accordion red Roland FR7 Reedless Accordion red Roland FR7 Reedless Accordion red Roland FR7 Reedless Accordion red Roland FR7 Reedless Accordion red Roland FR7 Reedless Accordion red

In superb condition.

Complete with very versatile foot pedals, connection lead and rechargeable batteries.

This accordion is an absolute delight and can be played through its own internal speakers giving a very good sound.  Ample connections for external amplifiers and additional sound expanders.  A very full sound can be achieved using the internal sounds and can be supplemented through midi connection to an additional expander.

41 piano keys which are velocity sensitive and with aftertouch, 120 velocity sensitive bass buttons.

Right hand solo (1 instrument or accordion sound at a time), right hand dual (1 solo instrument plus 1 accordion setting at the same time), high / low (accordion plus solo instrument sound with the highest note played as the instrument without the accordion but the accordion on the lower notes or setting vive versa).

Left hand with standard bass or free bass (to play full melodies on the left hand), left hand orchestral bass, left hand orchestral chord, left hand orchestral free bass.

Bellows with pneumatic resistance sensor for life like playing.

Each range can be controlled by normal style accordion couplers - Tones 40 user selectable accordion sets each set with 14 treble registers, 7 bass registers, 7 free bass registers, 7 orchestral free bass registers, 7 orchestral bass registers, 7 orchestral chord registers, 22 orchetra sounds.

More reed selection types than any traditional accordion.  -7 treble reed footages, 5 bass reed footages, 3 chord reed footages, 2 free bass footages.

128 sounds can sound simultaneously.

Orchestral treble sounds include, trumpet, trombone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet, oboe, harmonica, muted harmonica, violin, pizzicato, flute, pan flute,  highland, zampogna, church organ, percussion organ, tremolo organ, voice, mandolin, acoustic guitar, acoustic piano.  The bagpipe setting can be set with a drone whose picth can be changed during playing.

Orchestral bass sounds include acoustic bass, bowed bass, fingered bass, picked bass, fretless bass, tuba, tuba mix.

Orchestral free bass sounds include trombone, clarinet, oboe, flute, percussion organ, acoustic guitar, acoustic piano.

Orchestral chord sounds include trombone, tenor saxophone, clarinet, tremolo organ, voice, acoustic guitar, acoustic piano.

Other sounds stopping reed growl, closing valve noise, left button noise can be turned on or off.

Individual reed simulations.
Reed waveform switching.

Select your accordion type for round the world performances - Micro tuning presets for off, dry, American L/H, classic, folk F, N Europe, German L/H, D-folk L/H, alpine, Italian L/H, French, Scottish.

Sound modification includes a good echo for French accordion and other sounds.  Reverberation 8 types, chorus 8 types, delay 8 types, rotary effect for organ sound slow / fast, cassotto and sordina simulation.

Rotary controls for volume, treble bass balance, reverberation, chorus, delay.

Data enter and edit switch allow selection of numerous parameters on the accordion including the switching of external midi units..

Treble registers 14 plus master (bar can be used for accordion master or to alternate between two instruments and one)  plus orchestra (one tab changes the values of the 14 couplers from accordion reed settings to instrumental sound settings).

Bass registers 7.

Navigation switches up, dow, menu, write (to save settings), exit jump.

Other switches accordion set up and down, sordina on off, power on off.

Display graphic backlit LCD which includes pictorial mnemonics for instruments etc selected).

Power 2 x 25 watts.

Speakers 2 x 10 cm plus 2 tweeters.

Connectors headphone jack stereo, output jack left (mono), output jack right bass, multi connector to foot pedal. 

Rechargeable battery -long play time.

Red colour.

Supplied with charger, straps, owners manual, power cable, foot switches, connector cable accordion to pedal unit.

Footswitch programmable set up / down, register up / down, sustain.
Footswitch connectors accordion lead, expression pedal jack (optional), midi connections in / out / through, output jacks left (mono) and right for stereo, ac inlet.

Size 423 high, 528 wide, 275 deep, weight 11.5 Kg.

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