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Full MIDI (with Powerkey)

Brand: MidiRig
Product Code: Full MIDI (with Powerkey)
Price: £749
Full MIDI (with Powerkey) Full MIDI (with Powerkey) Full MIDI (with Powerkey) Full MIDI (with Powerkey) Full MIDI (with Powerkey) Full MIDI (with Powerkey)

Our Full MIDI system features a solid state contact system (Hall effect sensors & magnets) for the whole of your accordion. The Treble, Bass notes and Chords become MIDI, and the connection socket will usually be on the bass panel of your accordion.  The standard output will be Treble on MIDI channel 1, Bass on MIDI channel 3 and Chords on channel 2, if you have different needs please specify in the contact form below.

This system features our Powerkey on the bass side.  When this special key is pressed then any right hand key becomes a midi setting switch.  This allows for midi to be fitted inside your accordion without any external switches or panels to change the appearance of your accordion.  Custom midi settings available via the keys from a single instrument change to multiple instrument and part changes.  Other features include drum on bass and cymbal on chords to give a percussion line.

The cost of this system is 749pounds plus shipping, please use the contact form below to make arrangements for your accordion.

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