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Ketron SD4 with control pedal
Couplers: New

Brand: Ketron
Product Code: Ketron SD4 with control pedal
Price: £649
Ketron SD4 with control pedal Ketron SD4 with control pedal Ketron SD4 with control pedal

Scotlandaccordions footpedal with Ketron SD4 connectivity is unique in the market place.  Depress any of 5 pedals and get a complete change of treble, chord and bass.  Depress pedal 6 and the 5 pedals become 5 further sound change combinations.  The unit is ready to use and also replaces the original accordion transformer reducing connections.  There is a red ‘on’ LED on the pedal and a green LED to indicate ‘second range’ selection.  One sound can be programmed for each part (treble, bass and chords) directly from the front panel of the SD4 and the pedals will respond with the new sounds.  Up to three sounds for each part (treble, bass and chords) can be available when the SD4 is set through a computer.  Self cancelling software in the pedal means once a pedal is set, then all previous sounds are cancelled to avoid clashes and dragging notes.

Using the system
Once all is powered up, press any pedal from 1 to 5 to get the preset settings.  Press 6 (green pedal LED comes on to remind you that you are in range 2) to change the 5 presets to a different 5 presets.
2. The Ketron SD4 (see manual) has user presets (numbered 65 upwards) where you can change instruments, effects, octaves, volumes etc.  We have divided these into threes for treble, chords and bass.

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