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MIDIvox III new replacement power supply

Brand: MidiRig
Product Code: MIDIvox new replacement power supply
Price: £199
MIDIvox III new replacement power supply MIDIvox III new replacement power supply MIDIvox III new replacement power supply MIDIvox III new replacement power supply

MIDIVOX  III power supply only  and better than the original?
Replacement cable available separately
We can supply any power adaptor for your accordion (even if we have to make it!).
Pictured here is an Excelsior Midivox transformer of our own manufacture.  

It has full functionality with MIDI power and accordion connectors.  It also has the volume pedal connector, microphone output and footswitch change connection.  It is neater and more lightweight than the original and does not have those sharp corners.  One customer after waiting for 6 months for a replacement from the factory came to us and received one within days!

Here is what he said after the job was done -
‘Many thanks for your very quick and efficient service in providing me with a spare power supply box for my Excelsior MidiVox III.   I had ordered one from another supplier but they were unable to provide it for over 6 months.  You managed to build one in a few days.  
The new unit had its first outing at a professional gig this week and performed perfectly.  I now have the confidence to relax and concentrate on playing rather than being worried about what to do if a rare but very annoying intermittent fault on the original power supply unit re-appears in the middle of a performance.       

Thanks again.  I will certainly come back to you for more work in the future.’

Please ask for any make or model and also accordion connector leads for a quotation.


If ordering the Midivox power supply please tell us which series it is.

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