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Scandalli Super VI Extreme 41 Key 120 bass Tone Chamber accordion.  Midi systems available.
Type: Piano
Treble Keys: 41
Bass Keys: 120
Reed quality: Artisan Special
Treble Reeds: 4
Bass Reeds: 5
Treble Tuning: LMMM
Cassotto: Yes
Colour: Black
Key finish: Ivory
Couplers: 11 + M
Keyboard length (including cheeks): 48.5
Bellows width (front to back): 19.5
Width (bass to treble total width): 44

Brand: Scandalli
Product Code: Super VI Extreme
Price: £9,399

This product is available from UK stock at ACCORDIONS DIRECT.  Please click this link for more information, enquiries and purchase:


The Super VI Extreme.  If you simply must have the best regardless then this is the one for you.  This model is their flagship accordion with a very high build quality and superb sound.  This model is a 41 key 120 bass with the benefit of double cassotto or tone chambers.  Real quality sound in a more compact instrument and seriously good upgraded reeds of the best calibre available.

 It is a 4 voice Scottish musette tuned model.

Scandalli is an absolute top maker of accordions and we believe the best.  Their reputation has built over a very long time with especial emphasis on quality and particularly reed quality. 

The optional MIDI model accordion offers unprecedented value for a fully acoustic accordion with a full midi system installed.  You can play not only the acoustic accordion but can add sounds e.g. string bass, piano chords and right hand instruments e.g. violin and this delivers a very full accordion and orchestral sound which is ideal for private play or public performance.  This uses the latest contactless midi system with extremely precise sensitivity.  What is more is that a new midi expander is even included in the price. 

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