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Baile 30-32 Red
Treble Keys: 30
Bass Keys: 32
Treble Reeds: 2
Condition: good

Brand: Baile
Product Code: Baile 30-32 Red
Price: £199
Baile 30-32 Red Baile 30-32 Red Baile 30-32 Red Baile 30-32 Red Baile 30-32 Red Baile 30-32 Red Baile 30-32 Red

Really special floral grille model finisged in beautiful red pearloid.
Great opportunity to learn to play, 32 bass keys inc. straps
This great bargain gives us the opportunity to make way for new stocks and gives you a deal almost too good to be true. 
1.  This accordion is in good condition and comes complete with getting started booklet, set of straps. 
2.  Scotlandaccordions are pleased to offer a Baile Famous Brand Accordion with 32 basses and 30 treble keys in really good condition .  There are 120 reeds in the treble side alone plus all the bass and chord reeds - we test everything.  Repairs can be very expensive with so many parts (quickly exceed the value of the instrument) so buy from a company which issues a full guarantee.  Be quick though as we are making way for new stocks so this deal is now. 
3.  This is a really nice looking instrument and is the sort favoured by accordion tutors as instruments for new learners.  We also find them very good for more advanced players because they are highly portable and yet produce a very big sound in relation to their size.  
4.  Often cheaper accordions need more push to get the reeds sounding, making them harder to play, but the reeds are 'broken in' and play very well.  The bellows compression is good, all reeds have been tested, the keys are white and we have found no fault with the instrument. 
5.  Baile accordions have been sold in the UK for some 40 years and have a good following and reputation for value for money.  This instrument does not have its Baile badge and we guarantee the maker to be correct.  The absence of the badge suggests the accordion is much more expensive than it really is - and who will know - the sound or quality won't give it away. 
6.  Starting out with the Accordion - If you have been wondering whether to take up the accordion here is a low budget but good option to get you going and you don't even need to get any extras.  We offer an upgrade policy if you want to trade up to a bigger model in due course.  Scotland accordions specialise in midi accordions and manufacture systems which allow electronic sounds to accompany the accordion (e.g. double bass along with bass notes, strings along with chords and violin along with treble notes see our normal site at scotlandaccordions). 
7.  Again fully guaranteed by us when returned to base and the cost of postage on returns to be borne by the customer.

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