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Fauno 30-18 excellent condition
Treble Keys: 30
Bass Keys: 18
Treble Reeds: 2

Brand: Fauno
Product Code: Fauno 30-18 excellent condition
Price: £249
Fauno 30-18 excellent condition Fauno 30-18 excellent condition Fauno 30-18 excellent condition Fauno 30-18 excellent condition Fauno 30-18 excellent condition

Very attractive Red Fauno 30 treble / 18 Bass Accordion in superb condition.
This Scotland accordions Fauno piano accordion has 30 keys and 18 bass (6 bass notes and 12 chords).  Finished in glossy red pearloid with attractive pierced and decorated grill.  The condition is very good and fully tested (all reeds and functions) and is easy to play.
The reeds are powerful giving a good solid sound without the complication of different settings; just pick it up and play.  The bass reeds are also strong and fully working and in good tune.  Good bellows compression.
Very comfortable instrument to wear and to play and yet not too heavy with compact dimensions and yet still gives a 30 note compass.  
We are very pleased with the construction and playability of this instrument for a very good price indeed particularly from our well known company and with full guarantee.  This instrument comes complete with straps and ready to play.  It is finished in glossy red style and looks very attractive with its distinctive genuine copper Fauno  name badge.
We are offering this instrument for an incredibly low price.  We also offer upgrades with full credit against a new instrument within 3 months of purchase thus giving you complete assurance and satisfaction in your purchase.  However, we feel that you are likely to be very happy with this model and we even include a get you started playing the accordion booklet.  Why buy anywhere else, when you can get our cast iron guarantee and the instrument is fully serviced and backed by us.  Accordions have many moving parts and this model has over 100 reeds and valves.  Most accordions develop some faults with so many different parts so our recommendation is to buy from a reputable source to avoid expensive repairs later on.  We can also fix any fault or simply replace with another instrument if necessary.  The new price for a similar instrument is about £345 and new instruments are harder to play than one which has been ‘broken in’.  
The size of the instrument is good as a starter instrument or for a player wanting a lighter weight model.  You can play in any key (sometimes a limitation with other instruments) and get a good and full sound from this compact instrument.


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