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Parrot 34-60-5 Grey/ Silver
Treble Keys: 34
Bass Keys: 60
Treble Reeds: 3
Couplers: yes

Brand: Parrot
Product Code: Parrot 34-60-5 Silver/grey
Price: £499
Parrot 34-60-5 Grey/ Silver Parrot 34-60-5 Grey/ Silver Parrot 34-60-5 Grey/ Silver Parrot 34-60-5 Grey/ Silver Parrot 34-60-5 Grey/ Silver Parrot 34-60-5 Grey/ Silver Parrot 34-60-5 Grey/ Silver Parrot 34-60-5 Grey/ Silver Parrot 34-60-5 Grey/ Silver Parrot 34-60-5 Grey/ Silver Parrot 34-60-5 Grey/ Silver


Great Parrot accordion.  We have gone over the top for value on this accordion with 34 keys, 60 bass and 5 different sound settings.  Very smart slightly larger (better bellows volume and greater range than smaller models) 60 bass and 34 keys to play in any key- priced to sell and yet this is far from the base models on offer elesewhere.  
This accordion has a full guarantee and is ready to get you started - why buy a cheaper one with a few less keys when you can get a 34 key model at this price?  Have you been wondering about taking up the accordion lately - here is a really easy start and it even comes with an instruction book and straps so no matter what your age here is a great opportunity to take up this great instrument.  Furthermore this is  a 34 note model and a 60 bass with five different sound settings so there should be no limitation on what you can play. 

This is a cheap but good accordion and is fully guaranteed by us.  It  plays very well and has no faults - benefit from this opportunity to aquire a less common better featured model than normally available at this price which also looks and sounds really good (study our reputation and customer comments).    
Very good condition and comes complete set of straps at an extremely low price.  Made by the Parrot Company with a very good reputation.

Good reasons to buy from Scotlandaccordions  The fine instrument is - Comprehensively checked - all reeds (212 reeds in the treble and 96 in the bass - just imagine the costs if they dont all work!), bellows, straps, every key, every bass button, all fastenings, body, air button etc. etc.  Why buy elsewhere when you do not get this level of guarantee.  Repairs can easily exceed the cost of an instrument so rest assured and use Scotlandaccordions for your accordion needs.  We dismantle our accordions and check every reed and the springs are adjusted - in fact everything even down to the tensions of the bolts, air leakage, key and button smoothness in operation, tuning etc.  Can anyone else assure you that they do all this?

1.  Spledid looking instrument and is the sort favoured by accordion tutors as instruments for new learners.   
2.  We also find them very good for more advanced players because they are highly portable. 
3.  Produce a very big sound in relation to their size.  
4.  Often cheaper accordions need more push to get the reeds sounding but reeds are 'broken in' and play very well.  
5.  The bellows compression is good, all reeds have been tested, the keys are white and we have found no fault with the instrument.  
6.  We are even including a set of straps.  
7.  Low budget but good option to get you going and you don't even need to get any extras.  
8.  We offer an upgrade policy if you want to trade up to a bigger model in due course. 

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