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Farfisa 7x MIDI expander
Sophisticated midi expander in very good order and suitable for accordion. Graphic display (illumina..
Farfisa Syntaccordion MIDI Button accordion
Scandalli button accordion (famous hand finished reeds) with 120 bass buttons badged Farfisa&nb..
Farfisa Syntaccordion MIDI piano accordion, with new MIDI expander black
Scandalli piano accordion (famous hand finished reeds) with 41 treble Keys and 120 bass buttons badg..
New Farfisa Tone generator
Farfisa Syntaccordion Tone Generator This is a brand new Syntaccordion tone generator to erplace yo..
Scandalli Farfisa C system MIDI accordion with expander
Scandalli button accordion brand new (famous hand finished reeds) with 97 treble buttons and 120 bas..