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Yamaha EMP100 multi effects processor
Couplers: yes

Brand: Yamaha
Product Code: EMP100
Price: £299
Yamaha EMP100 multi effects processor Yamaha EMP100 multi effects processor Yamaha EMP100 multi effects processor Yamaha EMP100 multi effects processor

Yamaha EMP 100 multi effects processor.

Superb unit in first rate condition almost as new with little use.  Mono input with stereo output possibilities.

Pitch change, chorus, flange, symphonic, delay, early reflections and reverb.  There are also combination effects  pitch and reverb, chorus and delay, symphonic and reverb, delay and reverb, delay and early reflections.  Each has eight programmable parameters.  100 preprogrammed effects plus 50 ram locations to be programmed by the user.  20Hz to 20KHz frequency response cover the whole audible range.  Adjustable input and output levels.  Can be use din live performance, at home to fill out the sound or for studio recordings or modifying existing recordings.

This unit can be used to modify your accordion input from its microphones (we can fit electret type microphones to your accordion if required).  Alternatively you can use it for voice achieving some remarkable effects.  LCD display, midi in, microphone / accordion in, output for L and R, foot by pass switch (optional), foot switch tap tempo (optional). 

Ideal to create classic French accordion sounds and to fill out the with spacious effects for all accordion playing.  These units are quite rare and very versatile indeed.

The following settings are available:

Stereo pitch
Triple picth
Early Reflection
Stero pitch and reverb
Stereo pitch to reverb
Symphonic plus reverb
Delay plus reverb
Delay plus early reflection
Chorus to delay.

LEDs indicate depressed buttons and an LCD display shows settings.

A description does not do justice to this incredible unit but once heard never forgotten.

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